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R-Laboratory Series Steam Sterilizers

The R-Laboratory Series Steam Sterilizers are mainly applied by laboratories in universities, pharmaceutical factories inspection departments and disease control & prevention centers for sterilization of lab-ware, culture medium, unsealed liquid or preparation and materials that may contact blood or body fluid in scientific research or medical care units.

  • Clamshelltype Automatic Door Structure
The multipoint synchronously Interaction and pressing technology renders more reliable door sealing, and the one-button door opening saves time and energy.
  • Humanized Operation System
Microcomputer automatic control, LCD text display and induction-type buttons facilitates observation of informational parameters of equipment and process messages of sterilization, making the operation simple and convenient.
  • Water Quality Testing Function
The system examines water quality within the tank, and would prompt the user in case the water quality becomes off-spec
  • Rich Program Types
108 programs in three categories (lab program, medical program and custom program) are set so that the user may flexibly have the program parameters defined.
  • Flexible Steam discharge Control
The user may, based on actual demand, change parameters to control the steam-discharge velocity, which includes rapid, slow and zero.
  • No Steam Exhaust throughout the Whole Process
The equipment water is stored to achieve internal circulation of water steam. A condensing system is mounted inside to guarantee that no steam is exhausted throughout the whole process, effectively avoiding aerosol generation and lab injury occurrence and thus ensuring the safety
  • Safety Interlocking
Automatic protection device against over temperature: the heating power supply would be automatically cut off and trigger the alarm in case of over temperature

Dry burning-resistant protection device: the heating power supply would be automatically cut off and trigger the alarm in case the water level is lower than the set water level system.

Door safety interlocking device: an electronic lock structure is adopted, and the sterilization process can only be initiated after the door is fully locked the door would not open if any pressure exists inside the inner chamber or the power supply is not connected. Automatic pressure-relieving device against overpressure: the safety valve would automatically relieve the pressure in case the pressure inside the inner chamber reaches the opening pressure of safety valve. Electronic circuit protection device: the AC major loop is with safety protection, and the quality control loop is with over voltage and overload protection. Cooling lock: the door would not open in the event that the temperature of liquid inside the inner chamber exceeds the safety limit, avoiding dangers that may be caused by liquid splash or even bottle explosion and thus guaranteeing safety of operators and materials.
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