Reinheldt Glassware

Glassware Plays a Pivotal Role in Research

Every laboratories in Research must be equipped with Quality glassware.

Reinheldt Glassware products are tested and proven, withstanding Heat resistance with highest transparency,contaminant and chemical resistance upon prolong use. 

Glassware has variety of Types based upon usage and size of laboratory.
Please contact is for your varied and specific need of glassware, however below are some of the commonly used glassware in laboratory.
Bulb and graduated pipettes.     

Burette, Glass Water Distillation Apparatus,
Funnels,  Beakers, Screw Neck Laboratory Bottle with Cap, Borosilicate, Volumetric Flasks,
Graduated Cylinders, Vacuum Filtration Unit, Vials, Retorts, slides and many more…