The Reinheldt GmbH is a virtual repository of technology and an ideal knowledge partner providing quality solutions in simulation to site. You can walk in here with your plans, watch it being brought to life, substantiated by everything required in your blueprint, with products, processes & services that conform to accepted world standards.

Our domain of expertise spans from the laboratory to the process industry. We provide top-of-the- line services and technology solutions that encompasses the varied needs in the simulation to site spectrum.

The Reinheldt GmbH, comprising of five Strategic Business Units and each SBU in Alliance is fast growing, and profit making company, with great efforts by entire team of more  colleagues working together.

Reinheldt  family has a history of more than 70 years in  Business of Antiques and Crafts.

August Gaul a renowned German Sculptor and Expressions Artist is the Grand father of the founder Otto Reinheld.

Reinheld family has great reputation in business and cultural  fraternity of Germany.

Miss Ulrike Reinheldt carried the legacy of her forefathers and founded Reinheldt GMBH along with her Husband who possess more than 20 years of Experience in laboratory and medical Industry Reinheldt entered  into business of  Manufacturing and Distribution of Scientific Research Equipment’s, Analytical Instruments ,Life Science Equipment’s, Laboratory Instruments.

Reinheldt also takes up turnkey Projects of building laboratories from scratch.